The Sun Rise Residents Welfare Association was formed in 2013 for the benefit of all Block 3 & 4 Motia Khan residents.

Sun Shine Residents Welfare Association Certificate Society Registration

Request for RWA Membership:

You may visit RWA Secretary Residence 7:00 PM to 09:00 PM (Friday and Saturday ) with duly filled RWA membership form at address given above.

Click Here to get RWA Membership Form

Membership Fee:

Life Time Membership

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 00/- (  —- Hundred Only)
  • Life Time Membership Fee: Rs. 000/- (—- Thousand Only)
For Active Existing Members (Yearly Subscription Based): You can convert your membership to LIFETIME by paying the difference amount of Rs. 4000/- and membership fee paid till date.
Example: If you have paid for 2 years i.e. Rs. 800 then to convert to lifetime membership you need to pay Rs. 3200/- Only (Rs. 4000 – Rs. 800)For Lapsed Memberships: Same as above, but for lapsed memberships this offer is valid only till March 31st, 2011. Thereafter a reactivation fee of Rs. 250/- will be applicable to convert/reinstate your membership to Lifetime Membership.For Rented Properties: Same as above for property owners. All RWA related services being extended to owners, will be extended to your current and future tenants provided the matter pertains to RWA as well as the same address for which lifetime membership has been obtained.

Yearly Membership:

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- (Two Hundred Only)
  • Yearly membership fee: Rs. 400/- (Four Hundred Only)